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Meditation The Original Version

Meditation process

Before I enlighten you regarding this contemplation strategy, let me illuminate that the reflection system depicted here isn't the 'Osho Dynamic Meditation meditazione dinamica method' ( the one which is typically polished today.) The 'Osho Dynamic Meditation' is the trademark of 'Osho International Foundation',
The reflection system depicted here in detail is the prior, agreeable form of dynamic contemplation method. This strategy has been taken from an exposition on Osho by Christopher Calder from his site. His site is a decent gathering of articles on reflection, Buddhism, and otherworldliness. In spite of the fact that I don't concur with each word Christopher has composed, most articles on his site are fascinating, charming and worth perusing. You can download a designed variant of his contemplation handbook here.
Dynamic reflection 

meditazione dinamica
The accompanying is a right and best form of dynamic contemplation procedure. It has four phases, each enduring ten minutes.
Stage #1) Start by remaining with your eyes shut and breath profound and quick through your sense for about ten minutes. Enable your body to move uninhibitedly. Bounce, influence forward and backward or utilize any physical movement that encourages you to direct more oxygen into your lungs.

Stage #2) The second ten-minute stage is one of purgation. Give up absolutely and be unconstrained. You may move or move on the ground. For once in your life shouting is permitted and empowered. You should showcase any outrage you feel safe, for example, beating the earth with your hands. All the smothered feelings from your intuitive personality are to be discharged.
Stage #3) In the third stage you bounce all over shouting Hoo!, Hoo!, Hoo! ceaselessly for ten minutes. This sounds senseless, and it is clever, yet the noisy vibration of your voice ventures out down to your focuses of put away vitality and pushes that vitality upward. While doing this stage it is vital to keep your arms free and in a characteristic position. Try not to hold your arms over your head as that position can be therapeutically unsafe.
Stage #4) The fourth 10-minute stage is finished unwinding and calm. Flounder down on your back, get settled, and simply let go. Be as a dead man, completely surrendered to the universe. Appreciate the gigantic vitality you have released in the initial three phases and turn into a quiet observer to the sea as it streams into the drop. Turn into the sea.
This awesome system is expected to develop with the understudy and change as the understudy changes. Following a couple of long periods of rehearsing the technique enthusiastically, the initial three phases of the contemplation should drop away suddenly. You at that point go into the reflection corridor, take a couple of full breaths, and instantly dive deep into the euphoria of the fourth stage. The technique is liquid, wellbeing giving, and fun. Those new understudies who wish to explore different avenues regarding Rajneesh Dynamic Meditation should read the accompanying prudent strides previously trying different things with this ground-breaking procedure.
Precautionary measures: 

Obviously one must practice Dynamic Meditation(meditazione dinamica) in a sheltered area and not close to the edge of a precipice or on a hard surface where one may fall and break one's skull. A substantial room or corridor with a thick covering is great. Outside in the early morning on a delicate and very much tended grass with aggregate investment is ideal. Do it on an unfilled stomach and abstain from falling into risky protests, for example, windows. It is admissible to quickly open one's eyes at times to keep up your area. Make a wellbeing zone around your moving and unconstrained body developments. Be considerate to neighbors and erase the shouting on the off chance that it will be heard by others. 
All Westerners are head situated and candidly subdued. For them, a clamorous, unconstrained, and candidly purifying system like this is indispensable for the genuine advance to be made rapidly. The physical advantages of this strategy block any requirement for hatha yoga or customary kundalini yoga techniques.

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